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Treehouse with raised shelter and lots of accessories

Project code: (PHC160380)

Adults are strictly invitation only in this clearly defined children's adventure treehouse and raised shelter play area.

The canopy of a lovely old willow tree provides the boundary for this play area which is then reinforced by a barked area measuring 9ft by 15ft (2.7m by 4.6m). Please note that this barked area is not included in the price but cna be added if required.

The treehouse sits outside the barked area, on a platform 2ft (0.6m) high.  It is on the right hand side of the play structure and to the rear of the platform.    A low staircase leads to a stable door with cut out on the front right  hand side of the treehouse and the roof extends over the platform to the front to create a covered veranda style walkway.  

The treehouse is fully insulated to ensure that its warm enough to be used through the majority of the year and has a total of six windows, two opening to the rear, two non-opening to the front and a further two non opening on the left hand side.   This means that plenty of light can get into the treehouse and provides sufficient ventilation too.

Internally a bench and fold away table were fitted.

The treehouse walkway extends along the front of the treehouse and then steps up to a second walkway leading to a second platform.  This platform is set at 4ft (1.2m) and is 4ft (1.2m) square there is a pulley with basket at the entrance to the second platform so important messages can be raised up and a tyre swing hangs beneath the platform.

The second platform leads to a third walkway which in turn leads to the third platform with low panel walls and a shelter roof.  This platform is set at 5ft (1.5m) from the ground and is 5ft (1.5m) square.  

There is a punch bag underneath the walkway between the second and third platform and a plastic swing seat underneath the third platform.

This third platform with low walls and a roof has been designed to feel like a look out post, it has a bench fitted along the front and one side, a telescope fitted to the front with a bespoke scramble net fixed to the rear in case a speedy escape is necessary.

The roof of the treehouse and the shelter platform are both cedar shingle and straight facia has been used on both to create a no nonsense look.

The play structure as a whole provides plenty of different activties, has been designed to provide dry areas for drizzly days and provides plenty of scope for safe imaginative play where it's owners and their friends can challenge themselves, burn off energy or just take it easy.

The staircase and raised areas are all protected with balustrade rails.




Price from: £16,255
Incl. VAT, delivery and installation i

Treehouse Dimensions

Playhouse width: 
2.1m (7')
Playhouse depth: 
1.5m (5')
Height to eaves (front): 
1.8m (6')
Height to eaves (back): 
1.5m (5')
Maximum height: 
2.1m (7')
Footprint width: 
5.8m (19')
Footprint depth: 
4.9m (16')
Footprint note: 
Footprint of entire project

Treehouse Colours

Finished with Sadolin Classic Timber Protection. Treehouse walls finished in Woodruff (Sadolin Classic), Shelter walls, Door, windows and facia & balustrade rails finished in Woodland Green (Teknos Opaque).

Woodland Green

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Included Accessories

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Detailed specification (hover over the i for even more info)

Playhouse Floor on a Platform i
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Cedar Shingled Roof i
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Non-opening Glazed i
Opening Glazed i
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Stable Door with Cut Out i
Roof & Wall pricing matrix:i Mineral Felt Roofi Felt Shingled Roofi Cedar Shingled Roofi Slate Effect Roof
Plywood Lined Walls (option 2 build) i£16,610£16,255£16,745£16,640
Insulated and Plywood Lined Walls (option 3 build) i£16,615£17,260£17,645

The price highlighted above is the price for the build spec featured in the main project image.