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No New Commissions Until December 2021 Read More

A treehouse with everything but a tree!

Project code: (PHC190767)

This project has a bit of everything a child could want, both when young and as they get more adventurous.

There is a good sized treehouse that is accessed via a staircase at the front and a walkway all around the playhouse. From the staircase you can turn left and go to the playhouse and then continue and the steps up to the tubular slide. 
If you turn right at the staircase you go round the walkway, which has a climbing wall coming off from it, to the castle platform and then across the 3m rope bridge to the 2nd platform.  This platform has a firemans pole coming off from it and a set of monkey bars.

The playhouse has a standard door with a diamond cut out glazed with polycarbonate, two opening glazed windows and one non opening glazed window.

To the right of the castle they is a double swing gantry with a baby swing and a standard swing fitted.

Please note that the barked area was not included in the price.

Price from: £12,365
Incl. VAT, delivery and installation i

Treehouse Dimensions

Playhouse width: 
2.1m (7')
Playhouse depth: 
1.5m (5')
Height to eaves: 
1.4m (4' 5")
Maximum height: 
1.8m (6')
Footprint width: 
9.0m (29' 6")
Footprint depth: 
5.8m (19')
Footprint note: 
Includes swing gnatry

Treehouse Colours

Finished with Sadolin Classic Timber Protection. Walls and & balustrade rails finished in Teak (Sadolin Classic), Door and windows 7 trim finished in Deep Green (Sadolin Classic).

Deep Green

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Included Accessories

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Detailed specification (hover over the i for even more info)

Playhouse Floor on a Platform i
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Felt Shingled Roof i
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Non-opening Glazed i
Open Unglazed Window i
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Standard Door with Cut Out i
Roof & Wall pricing matrix:i Mineral Felt Roofi Felt Shingled Roofi Cedar Shingled Roofi Slate Effect Roof
Plywood Lined Walls (option 2 build) i£12,365£12,550£12,875£12,945
Insulated and Plywood Lined Walls (option 3 build) i£14,220£14,790£14,865

The price highlighted above is the price for the build spec featured in the main project image.

Richard & Kay Frost


We Are Unable To Accept New Commissions Presently

We are a small company, set up and run by Richard and Kay and supported by a skilled team of 4 who help build and deliver our projects.

Richard has recently had a health scare, and during the next few months of his recuperation we have decided, reluctantly, to limit the number of projects we take on and have decided to stop taking new commissions until December 2021.

Richard does all the design and manages the build and installation, and Kay is the voice you will speak to and help with advice and then making sure your project runs smoothly from inception to the children enjoying it in your garden. Over the past 30 years we have completed well over 1,000 projects, all to a greater or lesser extent custom designed. It is a great privilege to design and build playhouse and treehouses, and for us almost as much fun to design and build as the children have pleasure thereafter. We firmly believe that in order to design and build a great playhouse project you must love it just as much. We do love what we do and this makes it all the more difficult for us to pause enquiries, but health is paramount so makes this the only decision.

We assure all existing customers that your delivery obligations will be met in full and are always available for any queries about existing products.

If you would like to register an interest for a project in 2022, please just send us an email or give us a call and we will re-connect at the end of the year by which time Richard will be fully charged and ready to enjoy exciting new projects.

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