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Playhouse under large tree

Project code: (PHC200474)

A magical raised playhouse for Grandchildren, it was designed for a beautiful position under a tree which sat in the middle of a meadow. 

This simple design adds to the view but is a magnet for children to explore, and have endless houses of magical imaginative fun.

The platform is  set at 0.6m high, just enough to feel in the tree but not so high there are any worries about safety for younger children.

Three staircases give plenty of run around potential, and the central cottage with 4 windows one of which is opening, sits beautifully under the tree.

Price from: £6,185
Incl. VAT, delivery and installation i

Treehouse Dimensions

Playhouse width: 
1.8m (6')
Playhouse depth: 
1.2m (4')
Height to eaves: 
1.4m (4' 7")
Maximum height: 
2.0m (6' 5")
Footprint width: 
3.1m (10')
Footprint depth: 
2.4m (8')
Footprint note: 
Includes staircases

Treehouse Colours

Finished with Sadolin Classic Timber Protection. Walls finished in Woodruff (Sadolin Classic), Door and windows & balustrade rails finished in Jungle Green (Sadolin Opaque).

Discontinued Jungle Green

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Detailed specification (hover over the i for even more info)

Playhouse Floor on a Platform i
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Castle Roof i
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Non-opening Glazed i
Opening Glazed i
Roof & Wall pricing matrix:i Mineral Felt Roofi Felt Shingled Roofi Cedar Shingled Roofi Slate Effect Roof
Plywood Lined Walls (option 2 build) i£6,185£6,305£6,530£6,575
Insulated and Plywood Lined Walls (option 3 build) i£7,425£7,565£7,810£7,865

The price highlighted above is the price for the build spec featured in the main project image.