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Childrens Treehouse with Activity Area

Project code: (PHC110987)

There are three main elements to this fantastic play structure; a platform with activity accessories, a treehouse platform and a platform with castellated walls.

This treehouse and play area surely provides something for children of all ages. 

Starting on the left hand side, a staircase from the ground leads to an activity platform set at 4ft high.  This platform accommodates a slide to the left hand side and a climbing wall to the back.  Steps lead up to a small bridge, set at 6ft, and then down again to the playhouse platform set at 3ft high.

The playhouse itself is a cottage design with a stable door with heart shape cut out and letter box and two opening windows to the front.  There in another window on the right hand side which overlooks the third platform with castellated walls. 

This third platform is set at 5ft high and each castellated wall has two look out windows; a telescope attached to one of the walls ensures that anyone daring to approach is spotted immediately. 

All staircases and raised platform areas are protected with balustrade rails. 

Finally, underneath the castellated platform there is a hanging swing seat which provides an ideal spot for some rest and relaxation.



Price from: £13,050
Incl. VAT, delivery and installation i

Treehouse Dimensions

Playhouse width: 
2.1m (7')
Playhouse depth: 
1.2m (4')
Height to eaves: 
1.4m (4' 6")
Maximum height: 
2.1m (7')
Footprint width: 
7.6m (25')
Footprint depth: 
4.4m (14' 6")

Treehouse Colours

Finished with Sadolin Classic Timber Protection. Walls finished in Woodruff (Sadolin Classic), doors and windows & balustrade rails finished in Smoky Blue (Sadolin Classic).

Smoky Blue

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Included Accessories

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Detailed specification (hover over the i for even more info)

Playhouse Floor on a Platform i
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Cedar Shingled Roof i
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Non-opening Glazed i
Opening Glazed i
Open Unglazed Window i
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Stable Door with Cut Out i
Open Doorways i
Roof & Wall pricing matrix:i Mineral Felt Roofi Felt Shingled Roofi Cedar Shingled Roofi Slate Effect Roof
Plywood Lined Walls (option 2 build) i£13,050£13,260£13,390
Insulated and Plywood Lined Walls (option 3 build) i£13,970£14,180£14,340£14,305

The price highlighted above is the price for the build spec featured in the main project image.