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Children play platforms

Project code: (PHC161122)

A childrens play platform which gives lots of opportunity for active play.

The project consists of three interlinking platforms with activities attached.  The platforms are set to follow the contour of th ground and so are all at different levels.

Access to the right-hand side platform, 5ft wide x 4ft deep, is via a staircase, the initial height of this is set at 3ft.  From this platform the route to the next platform, 6ft wide x 4ft deep,  is via a wobble bridge, this can also be accessed via a rope ladder at the back. 

There is then a walkway between the central platform and the left hand platform, 4ft wide x 4ft deep.  This final platform has a climbing wall coming off from the front and a firemans pole to the side.

With so many circuits for the children to explore, they are sure to get tired out.

Price: £5,765
Incl. VAT, delivery and installation i