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Activity Play Platform on Steep Slope

Project code: (PHC150525)

This large activity play platform is constructed around an existing tree and accomodates an extremely sloping garden.

At 2ft high at the rear and 6ft high at the front, this activity platform makes wonderful use of an area of garden that would otherwise remain neglected.

It is built around a large tree which adds a sense of adventure and otherwordliness to the play platform and encourages all sorts of fantastic imaginative game playing.  The two boat steering wheels help to encourage the chidlren to go on adventures all aroudn the world.

The platform is accessed via a low staircase to the rear. 

Three telescopes fitted to the front ensure that intruders are spotted before they get too close.

The rope ladder, climbing wall and knotted rope provide alternative access/exit points and the steering wheels allow the platform to be transformed into a pirate ship, space ship or indeed anything that young minds can imagine.

Price: £4,380
Incl. VAT, delivery and installation i