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Teddy Bears Cottage

Thoughts on imaginative play - January 2011

Happy New Year and welcome to our second blog!

Christmas may be over but we are all still working flat out as our new product range is being launched in February! Luckily our new wood burning stove was recently delivered so we are all toasty warm while we build the playhouses - plus it’s also rather clever and runs entirely on our waste timber and sawdust.

Christmas is an extremely special time for a child’s imagination as a visit from Santa Claus is anticipated and prepared for. Imaginative play is great fun and it also allows a child to develop confidence and interests. It’s an important opportunity to explore adult roles and learn essential skills for the future.  According to Paediatricians, ages 3-6 are the most important years for imaginative development.

Here at The Playhouse Company, we believe in the importance of nurturing and encouraging a child’s imagination. A playhouse in your own garden can be a fantastic way to give your child their own space and freedom for imaginative play, and it encourages them to be out in the fresh air too. We offer many design options to encourage all types of play so a child’s imagination has no boundaries. A dressing up box inside allows children to be pirates, princesses or superheroes, a table and chairs encourages tea parties or to take a train journey, shutter windows are great for being a shop and a large black board encourages their creative skills. It could be large or small, simple or complicated but your children would love a playhouse – and it gives you a little of your own space back too!

Physical activity is also an essential part of a child’s development and playhouses are a wonderful way to encourage this. We make playhouses with different levelled platforms which can be fitted with various combinations of stairs, a slide, climbing wall, fireman’s pole or trap door (complete with ladder). These create circuits of the structure which children, particularly aged 3-6 find really exciting and entertaining.

**In this chilly weather, it is worth noting that we can offer fully insulated playhouses which make them easy to heat … This also gives them the added bonus of remaining cool during the summer!