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We're now able to supply any product you see on the site. But sorry, we are not currently able to help with custom designs.>


Choices you will love, specifications you can trust

When it comes to the quality of our Playhouses we don't care for compromise.  We use the highest quality of materials and every method we use to build a Playhouse is carried out to a high standard.  All they choices we offer to make your playhouse just right for you and your children are not at the expense of quality.

We have completed hundreds of made to measure playhouses, that are designed and built to match the inspiration of our customers (and their children!). Often customers take elements of more than one playhouse project they see on the site to create the ‘dream' playhouse. There are an infinite number of possibilities.


Precision building of our products

With our playhouses you have great scope to choose some of the underlying build specification, including;

  • The type of roof (either mineral felt shingle, felt shingles, cedar shingles or artificial slate - all of them nice, just a question of what you prefer)
  • The overall build specification with 2 options available (mainly to decide on the level of weather protection, insulation and finish you prefer).
  • Two choices of windows, opening or non opening 
  • Various window designs available
  • Doors are available as a standard one piece or a stable, with various out shapes
  • Your choice of wood treatment and colours to complement your design.

The designs are translated from sketches into a detailed beautiful structure.  We place great emphasis on attention to detail and finish. Doors and windows open and close safely and smoothly.  There are never any rough edges.

A lot goes in to our playhouses. And the most important is care.