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Hidey Hole

Project code: (PHC150201)

The Hidey Hole is a wonderful idea that provides a "secret" hiding place in the garden to fire your childrens' imaginations and help them discover their independence while keeping them safely within your reach.

The Hidey Hole was inspired by the idea of a hobbit house; a hiding place that feels like a refuge from the outside world, where at the same time children can begin to explore their own worlds.

The attractive curved roof enhances this feeling of being in a secret place that is different to home and even has a sense of being underground; an idea that excites young minds and leads to all sorts of imaginative play games.

The cedar shingle roof and sides blend into the natural environment and provides a cosy weather-proof place to get away from it all.

The door is a stable door which is a very popular feature in many of our playhouses, allowing light in if the top section is open but keeping things cosy and keeping adults out if both sections are shut!

A diamond shaped window in the back wall allows natural light into the Hidey Hole and the mushroom shape above the door is a feature on all our Hidey Holes.

The Hidey Hole as standard is finished in Woodruff but Hidey Holes are also available with the door and window in Blue Peter and Dark Dusty Rose: this would be at an extra cost of £100.

Price: £1,755
Incl. VAT, delivery and installation i

Playhouse Dimensions

Playhouse width: 
1.2m (4')
Playhouse depth: 
1.5m (4' 9")
Height to eaves: 
1.7m (5' 6")
Footprint width: 
1.2m (4')
Footprint depth: 
1.8m (5' 9")
Footprint note: 
Includes step

Playhouse Colours

Finished with Sadolin Classic Timber Protection.


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Ground Level Decking i
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Cedar Shingled Roof i
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