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Teddy Bears Cottage

Our new offices! - Feb 2011

After spending an afternoon in the garden last weekend it was great to see the first signs of spring - the snow drops are out and the daffodils are starting to show, plus there’s even a little more daylight in the afternoons. It won’t be too long before we're outside and filling our lungs with fresh air after a long winter. It’s approaching The Playhouse Company’s busiest time of the year in about 7/8 weeks, so if you are thinking of getting a playhouse for the start of the season, we’d recommend getting in touch.

2011 has been off to a great start for us, especially as our new offices have finally opened and are fully operational. They are on the same site as the workshops and comprise of an entrance area for visitors, two individual offices (one for Richard that's large enough to host meetings and the other for Kay), there’s a general office for Val and Zoe, two new toilets complete with cloakroom area and a great little kitchen. What makes all this truly remarkable is that it was completed almost entirely by The Playhouse Company staff – talk about team building! I would like to say a huge thanks to Nicki and Ian who did the plastering, Shane and Alan (S M Juson Plumbing and Heating) who sorted all the plumbing and heating, Kim and Mark who did all the wiring and Simon who laid the carpets. The job started on 3rd January and we all moved in on the 31st January – a brilliant effort all round!

As if new offices were not enough we also took this opportunity to install a new computer network - made up of 2 severs, 5 computers and a staggering 1000 metres of network cable. A huge thanks to Luke who undertook all this work!

Our only hitch came from BT who were unable to meet the original installation dates in December due to snowy weather. This meant a three week delay and only one operation phone line – opposed to the 10 which we normally operate with! I’m afraid we had hoped for a seamless transfer for the user and if our phone seems permanently engaged we apologise but do keep trying or send an email and we’ll call you back!

We've also remained extremely busy throughout producing beautiful playhouse. Last week saw an extremely exciting project come to fruition where one of our playhouses was shipped and installed in Romania. The playhouse is on a 4ft high platform and has a slide and rope ladder. There are also two tire swings and a vertical tunnel net with a climbing wall on the front … Plenty to keep you busy!