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Teddy Bears Cottage

Operation: Planning Permission - July 2011

Our mission: To build a castle / tree houseor a customer's children who had a house adjoining Stoneligh Abbey,Warwickshire, a grade 1 listed building.

Background information: Travelled from our Herefordshire HQ to Warwick on a reccy and came up with our initial design which utilised a large sycamore tree in her garden.

Potential opposition: Because our castle design had a platform adjoining it which was over 30cm high planning permission was needed.

Battle engagement: The process was inevitably bureaucratic involving a number of meetings and a tree impact survey needed to be obtained. After a long 10 months planning permission was obtained for a design identical to the original, success!

Mission completed: We installed the castle and according to the customer, it was well worth the effort involved.
Features of the playhouse include:

  • Castle with weather proof interior
  • Platform wrapping around and within the existing tree
  • Access to top of the castle
  • Climbing wall

Debrief: According to our customer

'Delighted that it fits in so well, giving a good size play area without impacting at all on the garden'.