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No New Commissions Until
December 2021 Read More

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No New Commissions Until December 2021 Read More

How are are coping with COVID 19.

Its difficult times and well done to all those who are still operating.

At The Playhouse Company, we have a good sized production area and are able to carry on producing products, both standard and bespoke, still allowing space between ourselves.  This we are doing at present and hope to continue for as long as we can.

Delivery has had to be put on hold for the time being, but we are continuing to build the projects ready for when we are able to get back on the road.

Our products are certainly not essential and come well down the current list of priorities, but they do make life feel better.  When there is space in our lives to start thinking about moving forward, our play houses are a lovely thing to look forward too.

If you have been, or are thinking of enquiring about our products, please do not hold back.  The phone is manned by one of our team 10.00am to 3.00pm and it is lovely to speak to people about play houses.

Orders are gratefully received and are enabling us to keep our select team of playhouse builders going strong in our Herefordshire factory.

We are building in the sequence that orders come in and are getting everything ready for delivery and installation as soon as conditions allow.

Looking forward to being on the other side!!

Stay safe & keep well

Richard & Kay
The Playhouse Company

Other news

  • Update on how we are coping with Covid 19 , Wednesday, 1 July 2020 - 4:57pm

    We are still in difficult times but are pleased to say that we are getting back into our stride   

    We are now back with our full work force, and although some supplies are still difficult to get and perhaps taking longer, we are managing to source most things.

  • How are are coping with COVID 19. , Thursday, 9 April 2020 - 7:48pm

    Its difficult times and well done to all those who are still operating.

  • Its nearly here! , Wednesday, 15 November 2017 - 3:25pm

    Well...we have made it to the end of the year and what a busy year it’s been for us. 
    We are now finishing off the last few playhouses  in time for them to reach their new home on Christmas day.

  • The wonder of Wendy houses , Tuesday, 15 November 2016 - 9:17am

    Planning a Christmas surprise? Ramshackle or state-of-the-art, a playhouse is a magical place where a child’s imagination can run free, says Anna Tyzack

  • Hay Festival , Friday, 27 May 2016 - 2:32pm

    Here at The Playhouse Comapny we are proud to be supporting Hay Festival.

    Do check out the playhouse in the 'Hay Days' area, once the festival is over the playhouse is being donated to Staunton on Wye Primary School.

  • Shows to see us in 2016 , Tuesday, 1 March 2016 - 12:11pm

    2016 sees us at Hay Festival, do come and see us and say 'Hello'

    28th May - 5th June Hay Festival Hay on Wye



  • Competition Winner , Tuesday, 6 October 2015 - 2:54pm

    We’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who entered our Gypsy Caravan Colouring Competition. 

  • Where does food come from , Monday, 28 September 2015 - 4:32pm

    There’s a huge move in primary schools at the moment to help children learn about food and where ingredients come from.  It would seem this is very timely as a study earlier this year by the sustainable food and farming organisation “Linking Environment And Farming” (LEAF) and reported by the BBC

  • Prize Playhouses , Tuesday, 1 September 2015 - 2:35pm

    Make sure you tune into ITV’s “Keep it in the Family” on Saturday the 5th of September when one of our lovely playhouses is up for grabs.

  • Teddy Rescue , Wednesday, 12 August 2015 - 3:36pm

    Anyone who has travelled on the First Great Western railway network that runs between London Paddington, South Wales, The Cotswolds and the West of England has just three months left to reclaim lost teddy bears before the bears are given to a children’s charity.


Richard & Kay Frost


We Are Unable To Accept New Commissions Presently

We are a small company, set up and run by Richard and Kay and supported by a skilled team of 4 who help build and deliver our projects.

Richard has recently had a health scare, and during the next few months of his recuperation we have decided, reluctantly, to limit the number of projects we take on and have decided to stop taking new commissions until December 2021.

Richard does all the design and manages the build and installation, and Kay is the voice you will speak to and help with advice and then making sure your project runs smoothly from inception to the children enjoying it in your garden. Over the past 30 years we have completed well over 1,000 projects, all to a greater or lesser extent custom designed. It is a great privilege to design and build playhouse and treehouses, and for us almost as much fun to design and build as the children have pleasure thereafter. We firmly believe that in order to design and build a great playhouse project you must love it just as much. We do love what we do and this makes it all the more difficult for us to pause enquiries, but health is paramount so makes this the only decision.

We assure all existing customers that your delivery obligations will be met in full and are always available for any queries about existing products.

If you would like to register an interest for a project in 2022, please just send us an email or give us a call and we will re-connect at the end of the year by which time Richard will be fully charged and ready to enjoy exciting new projects.

Thank you for your support