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Case Studies

We hope that when you purchase a play structure from The Playhouse Company it will be an enjoyable experience, but to check we have asked a few of our previous customers what they thought.  

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Playhouse with slide tunnel rope bridge climbing wall and shelter

Years of active play to look forward to!

Visits to the grandparents are always eagerly anticipated by the Ludlam children, not least because they can play in an old treehouse at the end of the garden. So began a search on the net for a playhouse for the family home. After a careful period of evaluation there were only a small number of companies who appeared to match the quality needed. Budget was also a factor; one company suggested ‘you should be ready to spend £15,000 plus'.

The Ludlam's found The Playhouse Company website invaluable with seemingly every possible permutation and it helped them firm up ideas. It was over to Richard then to translate the ideas into a design proposal. When the family saw the plans they were delighted but felt a site visit would provide reassurance that the vagaries of the garden could be accommodated. Richard's visit proved useful and the plans were tweaked. A month later Tom and Matt arrived with the Playhouse.

Mrs Ludlam says, "the chaps who put the Playhouse up were very careful and did a superb job in little over an afternoon. I am told that the guys who make a playhouse are also involved in installation and it seems to work. My children are 5 and 7 and when they saw their new ‘house' they were incredibly excited. Tom from the Playhouse Company said that seeing their smiling faces is a great perk of the job. All the way through it was nice to deal with such a friendly family business"'.

The Playhouse has two platforms and a number of activity accessories including monkey bars, rope swing and slide.

Mrs Ludlam says it is a positive addition for the whole family. She says, "most important was that the playhouse will provide years of pleasure. Already the children have decorated inside with paintings and put up a ‘No Grown Ups!' sign and they even seem to enjoy doing homework there. They love it and the way it is built means it is dry and clean and comfortable. We also wanted, as parents, something that looked tasteful in the garden and we are so impressed by the quality of finish. It wasn't part of the original vision but I've also got to confess I'm trying to master the monkey bars myself! "

Joanna Ludlam & Family (Buckinghamshire)