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Case Studies

We hope that when you purchase a play structure from The Playhouse Company it will be an enjoyable experience, but to check we have asked a few of our previous customers what they thought.  

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Playhouse with slide tunnel rope bridge climbing wall and shelter

CASE STUDY: Mrs J, C Pre-school, Worcestershire

We were having a 25th anniversary celebration of the preschool and we wanted a playhouse for the celebrations. I’d been on the Internet looking at lots of different sites and decided I’d like a castle, but all the ones I saw were the wrong shape or size – mostly with two storeys, made for bigger kids. Everyone seemed to have set designs and couldn’t accommodate different dimensions, but when I spoke to Richard, he said that he could make a one storey castle to our measurements. When we spoke, it was three weeks before the celebration, so I thought we wouldn’t be able to have it in time, but Richard said that he would do his best. I got an email soon after to say that it would be delivered the day before.

The kids watched the playhouse being delivered and constructed – they loved it! I think it’s brilliant value and it’s so sturdy, I’m sure it will outlast me. It’s well built and durable and it gets lots of use.
The children think it’s absolutely fantastic and we think it was worth every penny. They love that it’s a castle. There’s lots of role-play with princess dresses and knights’ costumes.

The Playhouse Company is so efficient. It’s rare to get such good customer service – it was really personal. Everything we asked for was delivered. The day they were here, the staff were outside preparing for the celebration and they helped us put things up and fix things. They were so nice, but really professional. The whole experience has been brilliant – really first class.