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Case Studies

We hope that when you purchase a play structure from The Playhouse Company it will be an enjoyable experience, but to check we have asked a few of our previous customers what they thought.  

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Playhouse with slide tunnel rope bridge climbing wall and shelter

A moving experience

The Courie family experience of their playhouse is an interesting example of forward planning. With children aged 2, 4 and 6 they knew it was the perfect time to look for a playhouse. They also knew it was likely that the family would also be on the move in the not too distant future to a larger home.

With only a small garden Simon Courie quickly realised that he needed a bespoke solution. Having found The Playhouse Company website he discussed his thoughts with Richard Frost for a combined storage shed with a playhouse on top to make best use of limited space. The height of the playhouse would require planning permission these days but, at the time, it sufficed that Simon had made sure his neighbours knew what to expect. Simon recalls, "the plan was perfect and we were all thrilled with the end result. It really was the only way in a very small garden that we could provide the children with their playhouse dream. But I do have to confess that in hindsight neither I nor my neighbours had quite anticipated the height of it! It was probably just as well we were on the move within a year!"

At the time of purchase Simon and Richard had discussed project ‘move'. The initial thinking was to re-build ‘as is' in the new, larger garden. The playhouse was taken back to the Playhouse Company workshops and as it was being given a spring clean Richard suggested it could be modified using the existing elements. Instead of a playhouse over the storage shed there is now a ladder leading to a raised walkway and rope ladders and slide. The shelter is now separated as a garden shelter. Simon feels all has worked out very well. He says, "we knew we wanted the playhouse to move with us. What has impressed us was the response we got from Richard and his team. The move at both ends was made with care and the ideas for changing the configuration have worked so well for both us and the children. It is a flexibility you don't always find from suppliers. The children love their playhouse and have years of happy play ahead of them. And now they are older they use the slide and rope swing all the time and seem to be gradually taking control of my shed as well!"

The Couries have no immediate plans for another move!

Simon Courie, London