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A Family Business with a Love for what we do

A Personal Introduction from Richard Frost, CEO.

We are a family business with a genuine love for and belief in what we do.

As the son of a maker of wooden toys and a childhood spent covered in sawdust, there was always a certain inevitability that I would follow in my father’s footsteps and develop a business centred on wood.

The catalyst came when my wife Kay and I realised that our young children would not only love a playhouse; just as I had as a child, but that it would provide them with an opportunity to explore the world and express their imaginations from the safety of our back garden.  We were so disappointed to find that most of the products described as ‘playhouses' bore more resemblance to sheds. There was only one solution, to build our own. Our playhouse was a magnet for our children’s friends and drew admiring comments from parents and so The Playhouse Company was born.

Family Business

Company History

Over the past two decades we have enjoyed sharing the journey with parents following the same path; a desire to provide a special place for their children to escape to and enjoy. Most of the hundreds of projects you will see on our site began as inspiration provided by you and your children. They all share our commitment to producing playhouses built to the same standards we wanted for our own children.

We are now a team of about 25 based in our workshops in rural Herefordshire, and both Richard and Kay are still very hands on.

The Playhouse Company has now delivered numerous hand built, bespoke playhouses throughout the UK (and more recently to Europe as well) in different shapes, colours, sizes and designs but all built to rigorous safety standards.

In an age where children can spend more time with computers than friends, we are more committed than ever to extending the opportunity for healthy and imaginative enjoyment playhouses can provide.