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Childrens Wooden Play Castle with 2 Towers

Project code: (PHC100609)

A large childrens castle with two towers with an interlinking bridge and various activities.

This large castle play structure not only looks great but provides hours of play time for children.  The castle has 2 symmetrical towers, each with weatherproof interiors and top roof areas. The towers are joined by a bridge and there are a number of activities on and around the structure.

The bridge is 6ft long and 6ft high and got monkey bars fitted underneath. At the back of each tower there is a large cargo net which is fitted to the ground and extends up to a gap in the top battlements. On the left hand tower there is a ladder access and the right hand tower has a fireman's pole. All around the ground floor walls there are climbing wall holds fitted so it is possible to get all the way around the castle without touching the ground.

There are windows in the roof areas of the towers which add to the castle like appearance and provide look out points. There is a shutter window, jail window and 2 further windows on the ground floor of each tower. Each tower also has a octagonal topped main door at the front with a sliding peep hole and a small secret back door.

Price from: £16,030
Incl. VAT, delivery and installation i

Castle Dimensions

2.0m (6' 5")
Internal height: 
1.52m (5')
Maximum height: 
2.5m (8' 2")
Footprint width: 
6.7m (22')
Footprint depth: 
3.7m (12')

Castle Colours

Finished with Sadolin Classic Timber Protection. Walls finished in Volcanic Ash (Sadolin Classic), windows finished in Ebony (Sadolin Classic), doors finished in Teak (Sadolin Classic).

Volcanic Ash

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Included Accessories

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Ground Floor i
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Castle Roof i
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Shutters No Cut Out i
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Standard Door No Cut Out i
Roof & Wall pricing matrix:i Castle Roof
Plywood Lined Walls (option 2 build) i
Insulated and Plywood Lined Walls (option 3 build) i£17,565

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