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Childrens Castle Play-frame with Wobble Bridge

Project code: (PHC090354)

A childrens tower castle with a 1st floor, a wobble bridge and a small platform.

The castle area has a decked ground floor and an internal 1st floor of decking.  The 1st floor is accessed either via a ladder from the ground floor or via the wobble bridge. 

The ground floor area has an open doorway, a portcullis style window and two unglazed castle style windows.  The 1st floor has another portcullis style window, 3 unglazed castle style windows and another open doorway which leads to the wobble bridge. The wobble bridge leads onto a small platform built around an existing tree.  This platform can also be accessed via a climbing wall with knotted rope.

The area underneath the wobble bridge had rubber bark installed, this was an extra cost

Price: £6,490
Incl. VAT, delivery and installation i

Castle Dimensions

1.6m (5' 2")
Playhouse width: 
1.2m (4')
Playhouse depth: 
1.5m (5')
Height to eaves: 
1.2m (4')
Internal height: 
1.37m (4' 5")
Maximum height: 
2.7m (9')
Footprint width: 
3.1m (10')
Footprint depth: 
1.5m (5')

Castle Colours

Finished with Sadolin Classic Timber Protection. Walls finished in Teak (Sadolin Classic), Doorways, windows and balustrade rails finished in Woodruff (Sadolin Classic).


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Included Accessories

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Ground Level Decking i
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