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A selection of random stuff that we thought you might like to know about

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Teddy Bears Cottage
Garden Cottage Playhouse

My name’s Zoe and I’m the office manager, I have been working at Playchildren Limited for 2 years. I’m a qualified accountant so I manage the finance and I also oversee the running of the office and staff.

Playhouse with internal first floor

I like this playhouse with internal 1st floor PHC050222 because of how realistic it looks from the outside through to the inside.

Playhouse with Raised Playarea

March is upon us and here at The Playhouse Company we are gearing up for spring with plenty of orders already in for spring/summer deliveries.

Each fortnight I will be featuring a favourite playhouse chosen by a member of the team and showing off all its best bits.

Playhouse with Platform and Slide

Another week and you know what that means, yes that's right, another offer. This week we have a lovely cottage style playhouse on a platform meaning double the fun.  This playhouse sits on a low platform which is accessed via a staircase to the front and there is also a slide to the left hand side.  Think santa is going to need a big sack for this one! 

Garden Cottage

Who else spotted the Coca Cola truck this week? That means Christmas really is around the corner so we're getting into the spirit by offering a select few playhouses at a great reduced price.

Playhouse with Raised Playarea

So now we've hit November all we are hearing about is how quickly the 'C' word is coming around, yes that's right, Christmas.  With the run up starting we know that everyone is after a bargain to help save the purse strings.  Therefore we have a number of playhouses on special offer with only a limited number available.  



Now we've hit September, the summer holidays are over and children are back to school.  With the days slowly getting shorter, need to makesure children still have time to play in their playhouses.  Why not add some push lights so as the sun begins to set, your children can still enjoy their own space in their playhouse.   Push lights can be attached

Childrens Playhouse with Platform

So who remembers the little cottage playhouse that was in our factory being built a couple of weeks ago? What colours were chosen and how did the playhouse end up looking?

Childrens Playhouse with Platform

Lots going on in the factory at the moment, everyone working hard to get everything delivered and installed on time.  Think our delivery team are pleased to finally have some sunshine, they took a fair few drenchings whilst putting up playhouses in the bad weather that we've had.

Play castle with decked play area

Our mission: To build a castle / tree houseor a customer's children who had a house adjoining Stoneligh Abbey,Warwickshire, a grade 1 listed building.