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A selection of random stuff that we thought you might like to know about

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Teddy Bears Cottage
White Christmas Childrens playhouse

It’s Christmas! Well nearly, and we are very busy building and preparing our last playhouses to be installed just in time for the big day. 

Raised treehouse boat style

Welcome to the new look of The Playhouse Company website! We’d love to know what you think; hopefully it shows off the range of fantastic projects we can build. The hardest part has been choosing which projects make it onto the site as we have so many beautiful ones to choose from. Each one is built individually from scratch in our Herefordshire workshop so you can be sure it is one of a kind!

cedar shingled treehouse slide climbing wall

So what do you think makes something stand out? We think uniqueness makes things stand out and these three treehouses and playhouses certainly are unique.

Playhouse slide climbing wall castle

Making big decisions can be difficult!! Big decisions like do you chose from the pretty cottage playhouses where you can sit and have a teddy bears picnic, or do you chose the play castle where you can slay the nasty dragon? Well here at The Playhouse Company we make it easy with this project, you don’t have to choose, have both!

Childrens cottage playhouse slide swing wobble bridge

Who else is very jealous of Rosie and Raggles? We know here at The Playhouse Company we all are as Rosie and Raggles get to live in their playhouse. We all know that we can’t really live in a playhouse but if we could, one of our playhouses delivered to some very lucky children this week wouldn’t be a bad choice to live in.

Climbing wall shelter and rope bridge

The Sochi winter Olympics are finished and with the sunshine shining down on us none of us here at The Playhouse Company are thinking about the snow.  Not something we’re used to here in England, let alone in March! The delivery boys have had their sunglasses and sunhats on for deliveries this week but what a great time to be outside in the garden making the most of your playhouse or just enjoying the fresh air. Although don’t forget to think about sunhats and sun cream, don’t want any little sun burnt noses running around.

Play area with storage tower

Where did 2013 go? We must have missed it here at The Playhouse Company.  We can’t believe we are at the front gates of 2014 already, but there is a lot of excitement for the year ahead. Before Christmas we cleared out our workshops and even gave the office a dusting too.  At The Playhouse Company we have been brainstorming some great new offers and products for the year ahead (don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook to take full advantage of these offers).

Playhouse with internal first floor

As this chilling Autumn is drawing to an end and Winter is finally upon us, getting outdoors is more exciting than ever before. These cold icy mornings cause such beauty across the British landscape and supply us and our children with new and exciting opportunities to play and explore.

Childrens Cottage Playhouse

October is here already. The best summer in years is finally over and we will all mourn its passing. As we start to hibernate inside our homes and head into a blustery autumn we will look back in fondness at all the cherished memories we made outside in that glorious sunshine.

Play Castle with 2 towers

My name is Emilia and I am the accounts apprentice at Playchildren Limited.