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Teddy Bears Cottage

Summer holidays are here, which means 6 weeks of trying keep the children happy and yourself sane!
Knowing how to keep the children happy through the school holidays can be a daunting time for us parents, especially when things cost so much. That’s why we at The playhouse Company have come up with a few ideas to help.

Mini Olympic Games

The Rio Summer Olympics are set to begin on the 5th of August and what better way could there be to keep children busy and interested in sport than hosting your own Olympic games? 

The Children’s Food Trust is a national charity that promotes the importance of healthy eating in childhood.  They are currently campaigning to keep Universal Free School Meals for Infants

 The Trust believes that schools play a vital role in the health of our children its underlying premise is that children who eat a balanced diet are more likely to have better health and be better equipped to learn and develop.


It doesn’t seem like two minutes ago that I was writing the mid-summer blog and here we are now approaching Halloween and unlike the summer solstice, celebrations of Halloween are ever more popular and elaborate.

The word Halloween is a corruption of All Hallows Eve and precedes the Christian celebration of All Hallows Day or All Saints’ Day when all the saints in Christian history are celebrated. 

Child with toy

Whether it was a stuffed toy, a bit of blanket or even an imaginary friend, the chances are that we and our children all had or have a toy or object that we formed more of an attachment to than any other; a friend that went everywhere with us, slept with us and that no matter how dirty it became, we couldn’t bear to be without.  

Children playing on the beach with a beach ball

The summer holidays are upon us and despite the unpredictable summer weather here at The Playhouse Company we are starting to think about holidays and going to the beach   We’ve come up with a list of our favourite beach pastimes…and the best part is nearly all of them are free.

Here’s our Top 10 Countdown - do they match yours?

At number 10

Alice in wonderland Gypsy Caravan

Launched in April this year, our Gypsy Caravan is proving to be popular and a couple of customers choose to purchase a “plain” painted caravan and then decorate it themselves.

One of our absolute favourites is the Alice in Wonderland inspired Gypsy Caravan that was purchased by one extremely talented customer.  Click here to see the finished product 

Castle playhouse with external staircase

It’s hard to believe that Midsummer is nearly upon us and we are nearly half way through the year. 

Celebrating mid summer’s eve or the summer solstice, no longer seems to be popular practice but festivals of midsummer were once common place.   In fact Midsummer’s day has now been standardised and most people think of June the 21st as mid summer’s day when in actual fact the date of the June solstice itself varies between the 20th and 22nd of June.

Australian Cubby House

'Richard and Kay, the founders of The Playhouse Company, have recently visited their daughter in Australia and as timing had it, their visit fell when the Melbourne international flower and garden show was on. So on the tram they hopped to spend the day discovering how gardens are done down under. Amongst all the magnificent flowers and colours, it quickly became apparent that the name 'playhouse' is not shared in Australia as we commonly know it.

Hidey Hole hobbit House finished in a natural woodruff colour

We’ve started the New Year working hard on our new Playhouse products. and we attended the Garden Press event on February 12th where we gave the presss a first look at our new Hidey Hole!