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Teddy Bears Cottage

What Treasures are Hiding in Your Garden

The incredible power of a child’s imagination can transform any space into the most far-fetched of fantasy worlds. Given the room to move and grow, a child can become anything they want to be; from a cowboy to a policeman, brave knight to pirate and beyond.

Every pirate needs a ship to sail the unruly seas, and all brave knights need a castle to defend from oncoming hordes - and how better than with their very own themed playhouse?Large Pirate Shop

The Playhouse Company creates bespoke play areas designed to the exacting requirements of any young hero or villain. From searching for treasure, battling invaders, strutting the ramparts and making captives walk the plank, a purpose-built play area can provide hours of play in a safe environment.


For budding buccaneers, the elevated Large Pirate Ship features an enclosed Captain’s cabin, octagonal port holes, crow’s nest and main deck – complete with ship’s wheel and telescope for spotting landlubbing parents.


childrens Play Castle with Drawbridge


Castles (and knights) come in all shapes and sizes, from the very small and cosy to the very grand.

This Castle treehouse incorporates the existing trees and steep incline into the design. It includes the exciting features of a secret entrance, drawbridge and wavy slide as well as the obvious castle staples of turrets and arrow slit windows.

Castles don’t have to be dark and imposing, the smaller and brighter Castle Playframe was built with fairy tales and princesses in mind, but still has plenty of room for fun and games.



If the thrill of adventure on the high seas and battling with invaders is just too much like hard work, the colourful Gypsy Caravan or Hobbity Hidey Hole might be what your garden needs.
With inspiration taken from traditional design, young adventurers are guaranteed to have some amazing stories to tell at bedtime.


Gypsy Caravan

hidey hole

We’re sure that whatever adventure your child embarks on; whether it be a journey to the centre of the Earth, a voyage across the Spanish Main, or even a trip to the sweet shop, they’ll love the beauty and simplicity of a Playhouse Company structure for years to come.

For more information on any of our playhouses please call us on 01544 387100 or email