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Summer Olympics

The Rio Summer Olympics are set to begin on the 5th of August and what better way could there be to keep children busy and interested in sport than hosting your own Olympic games? 

You will need at least four children to make two Olympic teams, though more would be better so you may have to recruit cousins, school friends and neighbours if you don’t have a big family!  A top tip for deciding on teams is to line everyone up in height order and assign the tallest and the shortest to the same team; work your way through everyone and you’ll find that this is the fairest way to choose teams without focusing on agility, gender or age.

Team names can be chosen or assigned and if there has been time for some preparation there could even be scope for children to host their own opening ceremony.  The only thing you really have to prepare are of course the medals.  Young Olympians can be very upset if there’s no recognition for their efforts and another top tip is to prepare lots of medals for all sorts of achievements so that no-one goes home empty handed.

The games can be many and varied and of course tailored to the ages of the children involved but the great thing is they don’t need to be elaborate or even entirely sport orientated.  A paper plane making and throwing competition or games that involve children recognising colours and shapes can be great fun and not intimidating to children who may not shine at running or jumping. 

If anyone complains about having non active events, you can always remind them that art competitions were part of the Olympics at one time and that the Ancient Greeks even had a poetry event. 

Our last top tip – the Ancient Greeks also had a huge banquet for all participants on the last day so make sure you stock up on everyone’s favourite food.

Happy Summer Holidays everyone from The Playhouse Company