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Teddy Bears Cottage

Is my garden suitable?

A question often asked of us here at The Playhouse Company is “is my garden suitable for a playhouse?”
The answer is almost always YES – our playhouses are custom built to your specific requirements; so, whether you’ve got a steep slope, an ancient tree, or the tiniest of tiny spaces available, we can usually build the perfect playhouse for your space.

Play castle on a steep bank


Steep Inclines

We can build on almost any gradient thanks to the use of platforms and stilts – a playhouse or activity platform can be elevated above the slope and exciting additional features added; such as rope ladder, climbing wall or secret entrance.





Small Spaces

It can be a challenge to make small spaces feel exciting, but a purpose-built playhouse could be the answer!
There are ways around everything, and we love to solve a riddle – just look at our playhouse/dog kennel project to keep both family and pet happy. Building up, rather than out, was the answer to all the family’s space problems.
We can also build single storey playhouses as small as small can be.

Small patio garden playhousePlay castle with dog kennel

Woods and Trees

Working around trees is lots of fun and allows us to get creative with our playhouses. Treehouses are traditionally built in trees of course, and we’re always excited to take on a new challenge.Castle with platform around trees 

Awkward Spaces

We know that not all gardens have a nice square corner to tuck a playhouse into or a huge expanse of perfect patio for one to sit on; we can build a playhouse to fit most shapes and sizes of space.


Got a narrow entryway or awkward corner approaching the playhouse site? Great!

Because we build all our playhouses from scratch, not from premade kits, we’re able to adapt to anything your accessibility issues can send our way. Up hills, down dales, around corners, through houses…even across lakes! Our experienced team of installers have seen it all and dealt with the challenges of urban, rural and even mountainside living.

The Playhouse Company has been custom making beautiful playhouses for children for 25 years, set us a challenge – we love a conundrum!