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Holidays are here

Summer holidays are here, which means 6 weeks of trying keep the children happy and yourself sane!
Knowing how to keep the children happy through the school holidays can be a daunting time for us parents, especially when things cost so much. That’s why we at The playhouse Company have come up with a few ideas to help.

Going Out and About.
• There may be lots going on in your local area that your family can enjoy. Often for free.
• Check the websites of your local community centres and children centres as they tend to have fun filled holiday schedules, also your local libraries often hold events such as story time, and arts and craft days.
• Local swimming pools and leisure centres often run summer clubs. What better way to keep they active!

Staying at Home
Some days, you will find yourselves stuck at home due to the Great British weather, but that doesn't mean anyone should be bored.
• Arrange a movie day – choose a couple of favourite films, get some popcorn in and put your feet up with the kids.
• Build a den - if the weather is OK, you could even risk doing this outside! All you need is some boxes or sofa cushions, a few blankets, and a bit of imagination.
• Get cooking - pick a recipe with the kids, go shopping for ingredients and cook something together that you can enjoy eating afterwards,

The Great Outdoors (and the garden!)
Sunny days are great for simple activities like picnics and ball games. This can be done as close to home as in the back garden!
• Organise a treasure hunt around your home and garden with clues and treats for the children to find
• Hold your own mini Olympics with games that require little equipment... a sack race with pillowcases, a tug of war with a dressing gown belt! Use your imagination.
• If outside is dry, go to the park or a nice walk somewhere quiet with the children with a flask of hot chocolate - sure to go down a treat!
• If you have a tent, you could arrange a camping trip in your garden for one night!