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First Day at School

So, September is here, which means one thing back to school.  If your child is starting school for the 1st time they are probably a bit nervous. (and the chances are, so are you.) Yet the worries your child has about going to school for the 1st time are likely to be different to yours…

While you’re worried they might not have anyone to play with, your child is probably more concerned about whether any of their new friends like Lego or Frozen.

Here are some starting schools worries you and your child will have – but in VERY different ways.

  What Parents Worry  About What Kids Worry About
The 1st Day EVERYTHING. Will my child like school? Will they miss me? Will I be able to hold back the tears on that 1st drop off? Where’s my peg? Who do I sit next to? What is my teacher like. Wha… hang on, its playtime. Woo hoo - I love school already
The School Loos  Will my child make it to the loo on time? And what if they are scared to ask to go?  Wow, I’ve never seen so many loos. How do I decide which one to use?
The Teacher Will the teacher look after my child? Will the teacher have favourites and what if my child gets upset?  I wonder why all the teachers all have the same name “miss”?  I wonder if ‘miss’ likes frozen and wants me to sing Let it go?
Making Friends My child will be on their own, standing in the big playground in shiny shoes without a friend to talk to. Which of the other kids love running as much as I do? How many best friends will I make? Who shall I go on the climbing frame with?
Missing Mummy & Daddy What if they get tearful because they miss us and has no one to comfort them?  Will Mummy and Daddy pick me up later? I hope Mummy doesn’t cuddle me like a baby every morning, and I hope she doesn’t cry every morning too.