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Teddy Bears Cottage

25 Years of Play

2018 sees The Playhouse Company celebrate an amazing 25 fun-filled years of bringing little imaginations to life and creating fantastical outdoor play areas for children; but how and why did it begin, and what keeps The Playhouse Company as one of the most popular in the UK?The Playhouse Company 1st playhouse

In the two and a half decades since the company was founded by Richard & Kay, every single creation has been personally designed by Richard Frost. Richard has seen many shifts in trend, popularity and usage - from parents wanting to provide children with a safe outdoor play area, to grandparents wanting to create special memories, and nurseries seeking play space for larger groups, Richard’s designed it all!                                  

“28 years ago, our son was born, and we felt a space of his own was a top priority. Richard set to work designing and building and soon, our first playhouse had been built.

Throughout the following 10 years I built projects for friends and family. However, this was whilst also having a full-time job. 25 years ago, I decided to leave that career and take the plunge - following my dreaml of building playhouses and treehouses.”

Richard’s favourite projects are those that involve the children themselves. Generally, adults have a much more prescriptive view on what there should be and what they would like, but ultimately, it’s the children who should decide.

Whether it’s a cave, dungeon, fairy castle, pirate ship or shops with slides, swings, slopes, ladders and passages The Playhouse Company can easily attribute these desires to locations within the project. The result may be the same, but the whole project takes on a more magical feel with a child’s input.

Changing times

Through the decades the projects have become larger and more elaborate. One of the reasons for this is that people are much happier to be different and buck the trend, they make sure they get exactly what will fit in best in their space and their family – which is just what The Playhouse Company excel at!

Playhouse on an IslandOver the years Richard has been asked to create many different designs, factoring in unusual scenarios and requests, including working on an island where we had to build the bridge first, or on the second floor of a building instead of the more traditional location of the garden! He was even once asked to replicate the structural feel of the parents’ house.

“Recreating the structure of the BIG house is no problem”

Richard says, “I never forget that the little people that play on and in our products are the most precious of people, so I make no apologies for spending that little more time and using better quality timber than we could get away with, even though it does mean the projects come at a cost.”

Even though the trends have changed, the need of children to play in a safe and imaginative environment remains the same – which is why The Playhouse Company remain one of the top companies in the UK for bespoke playhouses.

Here’s to another 25 years of fun and imagination with The Playhouse Company family!

"Richard and Kay Frost still speak to their customers, and design every single playhouse that leaves their Herefordshire workshop”

                                                                                                                                 Richard & Kay