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We're now able to supply any product you see on the site. But sorry, we are not currently able to help with custom designs.>

Awkard Spaces

Do you have a slope or an awkard corner that you would like to make more use out of?  Why not install a play structure.  At The Playhouse Company we are used to these challenges, give us a call to discuss your ideas.


Woodland Playhouse

Awkward Spaces

 We are not afraid of a challenge here at The Playhouse Company! Our playhouses can tackle slopes and fit into unused corners of gardens

The Playhouse Company builds each playhouse individually from scratch; we are not using prebuilt kits and merely adapting them. As such we are able to offer any size or shape of playhouse and be creative in the way we design them to accommodate that awkward corner or space

 A playhouse will need a 6 inch gap all around to allow for the roof overhang and allow air circulation around the building, but apart from that we can fully utilise all available space.

Top tips for awkward and or limited spaces

  • If space is limited, consider putting the playhouse on a platform effectively doubling your play space or providing storage
  • If you have a steep slope or uneven ground, it may be again that a platform is the answer.
  • Consider the shape of your playhouse; perhaps a hexagonal or octagonal shape will best suit the space available.
  • What about a ‘half’ playhouse in a tight corner or against a wall
  • Phone and challenge us!!!