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Teddy Bears Cottage

A playhouse of one's own - May 2011

Typically, when a child sees their new playhouse for the first time they will immediately go in the door and close it behind them ... Then, there's often a short pause before the door is flung back open and a happy child appears.  Having a playhouse gives your children a space of their own to imagine and play, instantly they will know just what to do - let them remind you how much fun an imaginary tea party can be!

We find that just the playhouse itself gives huge opportunity for imaginative play as the empty space becomes an 'activity'. A table and chairs set could be added but you really don't need much else for a child to sit and play and even host imaginary tea parties in their new space. A playhouse is a flexible space which evolves with a child - from when they are a youngster who wants Mum and Dad involved in their play to the ripe old age of the early teens who want their own space, preferably away from Mum and Dad. However, regardless of what stage your child is at, you will always know where their space is when they retreat off and can be assured that because it is within your garden they are nice and safe.

In a recent blog for clothing company Toast, Alastair Sawday, author of Special Places to Stay guidebooks discusses his life long fascination with tree houses - from enjoying having a play den as a young boy to being a teenager escaping for peace and quiet while studying for his French A Level.

Also, it's worth remembering that a playhouse provides you with an opportunity to reclaim your living room by moving the toys that accumulate to the playhouse - so you too can benefit from some of your own space too.