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Welcome to The Playhouse Company

Just imagine ... a Playhouse where your children's imagination can run riot!

It started for us three decades ago when we built a wooden playhouse for our own children. They loved it and so did their friends. Word spread and soon building playhouses was our living! Most of the playhouses you see on the site are custom built to reflect the fertile imagination of our customers (i.e. parents and their children). Browsing the projects will show you that the playhouse, treehouse, cottage or castle you have in mind is only a phone call away.

Post Lockdown Update - Deliveries

          The Playhouse Company


Hurrah! We're starting to get back on our feet.

Lockdown has badly affected our supplies but there is light at the end of the tunnel.  Our full team is back to work and we're doing our best to crank up production.  But it will take us time to return to pre-pandemic service levels.

Our lead time is currently around 18 weeks from order.  If you know you want a playhouse but haven't nailed all the nitty gritty details with us please consider reserving your place in our schedule with a 20% deposit.

Thank you to all our customers for their support and patience as we get re-acquainted with the pleasures of designing the very best playhouses you will find


Expert help (& site visits)

Like to discuss your project?  Kay and Richard have a wealth of experience to share and love talking about playhouse projects.  Every project is different.

Call us to share your ideas.  We do have a limited capacity to make personal site visits so confirming a diary date early is recommended.