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The whole service we received was excellent. The advice we received about specifications was extremely helpful, the delivery was prompt and construction on site was very efficient. The promise on the website certainly translated into high quality reality. Thank you!

Infant School, Daventry

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Wooden play boat (EPPC040839)

Price: £1,720 Including VAT, Delivery & Installation

A fun playframe with a central wheel house to hide away. This boat gives children the opportunity to make their adventures come alive. Larger decking timber edge at back gives a space for children to sit.

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Specification of this Wooden play boat

Doors - Bespoke


Custom built to fit in with your style of play structure.

Sides - Playframe


The playframe sides are built to last; This type of construction is used for open buildings that are not weatherproof.  Initially a framework is built using 50mm x 38mm timber with rounded edges. To this we fix using galvanised brads, good quality redwood shiplap timber, this makes the side panels. These panels are then sanded and treated both inside and outside using two coats of Sadolin wood preservative. These are then fitted together on site.

Floor - Decking


Decking can be laid at ground level either as a floor for a play-frame, a sub base for a playhouse or to give an additional play area.  The decking boards are good quality grooved redwood boards that are pressure treated.  The deck boards are screwed to pressure treated 50mm x 100mm timber bearers which in turn sit on bricks placed at ground level.  A weed prevention membrane is fitted below the decking to ensure that there is no plant growth up through the boards. If it is being used as a sub-base or play area a skirt is fitted to match to deck.

Decking can be painted with a non slip rubberised paint, please ask for details.


Boat: 3ft (91cm) wide x 7 1/2ft  (228cm) long

Maximum height: 6ft (182cm)


Finished with sadolin - Various colours


Grass Green


Optional Accessories

Steering wheel - boat Steering wheel - boat