Children's jail playhouse (PC050939)

Price: £2,871 Including VAT, Delivery & Installation

A playhouse designed along the theme of a 'Jail'. The front has 3 rectangular windows with vertical bars and a stable door.  The door has a small rectangular window with vertical bars in the top half. The right hand side has 1 rectangular window with vertical bars.  All windows are glazed with polycarbonate sheeting. A flag pole is fitted to the end of the front, a telescope onto the veranda balustrades and a 'Jail' swing board is fitted on the overhang of the veranda. Internally there is a first floor fitted along the left hand side, this is reached via a staircase, both are protected by balustrade rails. 

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Specification of this Children's jail playhouse

Floor - Ground


Your playhouse comes with a solid floor all ready to be laid onto a sub base; this can be shingle stones/concrete/paving slabs/tarmac/decking. The floor is constructed using 25mm x 50mmm tanolised bearers supporting an 18mm wbp external grade plywood floor: this is treated on the upper side with sadolin classic timber protection.  Sandwiched between the bearers and plywood is a damp proof membrane that then wraps around the edge and sits under the playhouse side.  The membrane is there to stop moisture coming up from the ground.

A soft floor is fitted to the ground floor of the playhouse once finished - this floor can be removed easily for cleaning.

Sides - Option 1

Option 1

Whilst this is our option one build, it should not be confused with a “shed” type construction, as each one of our playhouses are hand built in our workshops in Herefordshire and we only use superior quality materials.  Initially a framework is built using 50mm x 38mm redwood timber with rounded edges. To this we fix, using galvanised brads, good quality redwood shiplap timber; this makes the side panels. These panels are then sanded and treated on the outside using two coats of Sadolin wood preservative. These are then fitted together on site, a clear silicon seal is applied to all the corners.

Roof - Felted


The roof is built to withstand the English climate; 75mm x 50mm bearers are put across from side to side. Screwed to these bearers is 12mm external quality plywood covered with a base layer of waterproof membrane and then a top layer of 38kg mineral felt, using stainless steel staples. The felt is wrapped over the front and back and sealed behind the facia board.

Doors - Stable


All our doors are built with safety as a paramount concern. All are special a non-trap design, using piano hinge down the whole length of the door, and then a rebate on the inside of the hinged side. When the door is in the closed position there is a taper between the door and frame, so should little fingers be left in the way they will not be pinched. Doors are held closed with heavy duty magnets on both sections of the door; this prevents a child getting locked in accidentally, and has a special flange on the bottom half to prevent little fingers being caught when the top door is slammed against it.  The window on the door is glazed with unbreakable 2mm polycarbonate sheet. Doors have a knob inside and out.

Other - Internal Staircase

Internal Staircase

All staircases are built at an angle of 45 degrees with no more than 180mm between treads, they are very solid with solid treads and risers. All staircases above 300mm have balustrade rails on the side.


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Mineral Felt Felt Shingles Cedar Shingles Slate Effect
Option 1 £3,003 £3,378 £3,455
Option 2 £3,211 £3,350 £3,726 £3,802
Option 3 £3,754 £3,879 £4,254 £4,337

Prices are shown including VAT.


Playhouse: 6ft (182cm) wide x 4ft (122cm) deep + 2ft (60cm) veranda

Height to eaves: 6 3/4ft (203cm)

Maximum height: 7 3/4ft (233cm)


Finished in sadolin clear preservative


Included Accessories

Telescope Telescope

Large Hanging signs Large Hanging signs

Flag pole - static with flag Flag pole - static with flag

Optional Accessories

Foldaway table Foldaway table

Internal bench Internal bench